Stress-Free Surgery for Your Pet

Surgery can be a very stressful time for owner and pet alike. At Poster Animal Hospital, we do everything we can to make the surgical experience as stress-free as possible for both you and your pet. We have a team of experienced surgeons and technicians who will talk you through the process from start to finish.

Every pet gets a pre-surgical examination to help us determine the anesthesia and pain management protocols for your pet. This exam is tailored to your pet and accounts for species, age, any concurrent illnesses, and the procedure that is to be performed. House calls are available to accommodate pets with special needs.

Each pet will have a catheter placed and receive IV fluids during the surgery until they have fully recovered from the procedure. Your pet will also be intubated and put on gas anesthesia while we monitor their blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and EKG, and oxygen saturation. Our surgical suite is state-of-the-art with equipment equivalent to that of a human hospital. Schdule an appointment to give your pet the care they need.

Pet Radiography

Has your cat suffered a broken leg? Did your dog get onto the dresser and swallow your ring? Find out with the pet radiography (x-ray) services at Poster Animal Hospital. Radiography technology allows us to visualize bones and teeth, your pet’s heart and lungs, and their abdominal cavity. We produce a high-quality image in seconds that can help us reveal even the most subtle abnormalities affecting your pet.

These images are then sent to a specialist if they need further analysis or can be sent home with you. For ailments that won’t show up using radiography (such as organ abnormalities), we use state-of-the-art ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound technology allows us to examine the soft tissue of your pet’s abdominal cavity in detail to look for any abnormal size, shape, or density that could be an indicator of disease.

Dental Health for Your Pet

One of the most critical factors in your pet’s quality of life is their dental hygiene. It’s just as crucial for the health of your pets as it is for us. Dental disease can spread into many areas of your pet’s body, causing lung, heart, and kidney disease. Dental disease and poor hygiene can cause your pet pain and make it difficult for them to eat.

Poster Animal Hospital strongly recommends daily brushing at home. If your pet can’t tolerate having their teeth brushed, we have many products to help, such as dental chews and rinses.

In addition to a daily hygiene routine, your pet will need regular dental cleaning from Poster Animal Hospital. Our cleanings include scaling and polishing while your pet is under anesthesia. We also take x-rays when necessary to evaluate the roots and jaw bone for any signs of disease. The teeth and gums are then flushed with an antibiotic rinse to slow down plaque formation.

Trust over 30 years of experience to give your pet the care they deserve. We are a local, family-owned and operated practice established in June of 1984 and dedicated to the health of your pets. Dr. Poster provides holistic medicine for your pet and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.