Annual Wellness Exams

At Poster Animal Hospital, we firmly believe that the key to maintaining your pet’s health is through preventative care. Your pet’s annual wellness exam is the perfect time for you and Dr. Poster to evaluate all aspects of your pet’s life. We’ll give your pet a thorough exam and talk with you about the nutrition, exercise routines, and behaviors of your pet to get a baseline “normal” for them.

After we’ve established a baseline, we’ll conduct annual laboratory tests to help us complete the picture. If we notice any subtle changes, they can help alert us to the possibility of potential problems before they become major issues. No two pets are the same, and all testing, vaccinations, and recommendations are tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Schedule your pet’s annual check-up. We speak English and Polish.

Vaccines for a Healthier Life

Pets today are living longer than ever before, thanks in large part to advances in vaccine technology. Vaccines against dangerous diseases have saved the lives of millions of pets throughout the years, and have helped to virtually eliminate some fatal diseases that were once common.

However, many infectious diseases still pose a significant threat to the health of unvaccinated cats and dogs. It’s imperative that neither we as caregivers nor you as pet parents become complacent about keeping your pet’s current on their vaccinations.

There are many vaccines available to your cat or dog, but not every pet needs every vaccine that is available. Some vaccines are considered “core vaccines” and should be administered to all pets, whereas others are optional and may only be recommended based on a variety of factors, including their potential risk of exposure to certain diseases.

Vaccination recommendations may also change throughout the life of a pet depending on their travel habits and other changes in their day-to-day life. We understand that no two pets are alike. We recommend unique vaccination programs that take into account your pet’s situation. We are well educated on vaccines and make it our goal to give the best advice possible for you and your pet. Let us develop a vaccination program for your pet today.

Microchip Services

Temporarily losing a pet is a terrifying experience for every pet owner. At Poster Animal Hospital, we use the Home Again microchip system to help track down your pets should they ever get lost. This chip, no larger than a grain of rice, is implanted just under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades.

This procedure can be done at any exam and doesn’t require the use of anesthesia. The microchip contains a number that is put into our computer system. In case, if you have lost your pet, the microchip scanning can be very helpful to identify your pet. All area hospitals and shelters have scanners that can read your pet’s chip and ensure they come home safely. Additionally, if you’re planning any international travel with your pet, most countries require pets to have a microchip.